Screven TASC (Training and Service Center)

Screven TASC aka Screven County Service Center is a day support, day habilitation and supported employment agency for developmentally disabled adult citizens of Screven County. We provide vocational, daily living skills, self-help skills, recreation/leisure training and activities, work procurement, job coaching and other supports needed, including social services to connect the individuals to community resources. We currently serve 40 individuals and have nine yard and four janitorial contracts throughout Screven County as well as do newspaper recycling. These jobs help provide training and assistance to individuals so that they can improve their economic self- sufficiency as well as enhance their communication, self-care, and self-direction skills. These individuals do and excellent job and truly value what they do. We are always looking for new contracts to give them more job experiences.

Working with the individuals is extremely rewarding. We have the pleasure of seeing individuals accomplish and experience things that they never thought they could or would have the opportunity of doing. Our organization is blessed to receive United Way funds. One of things, just to name a few that the funds helped us to accomplish was a bowling trip. The first time we took them we had some skeptics who said they didn’t want to go, they had never been to a bowling alley but once they arrived they truly enjoyed themselves and we now try to go yearly because of how much they enjoyed the experience. United Way funds help our individuals to experience new and rewarding activities. We are able to buy arts and crafts items which let them explore their creative sides. We have bought recreational items (bats, balls, gloves, basketballs, volleyball) equipment which they get to use and enjoy. We also purchase educational items to enhance and maintain what they know and to learn new things.

Without United Way’s support we would not be able to do these extra things that the individuals truly enjoy. To see their smiles and satisfaction is truly heartwarming.

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