Our Work


United Way of Screven County focuses on identifying issues that negatively affect Screven County, then partners with agencies in our community to advance the common good. United Way of Screven County is a fund raising.

When you make a charitable donation to United Way you are helping break the cycle of poverty for young children, ensuring school-age children are making the right choices in life and helping isolated seniors stay connected to their communities. You are helping build a stronger community for everyone.

United Way of Screven County believes that we accomplish far more together than individually. It’s what we like to call “living united.”



GSU Senior Companionship Program - provides trained volunteers age 60 or older to act as companions to individuals who need help in order to remain living at home, where they tend to be happier and healthier longer. Volunteers receive the satisfaction of feeling helpful and needed by someone. 62 were served in 2014. County served is Screven County.

Meals On Wheels – delivers hot nutritious Monday through Friday to elderly people who are at risk of nursing home placement or who have weak support systems and are nutritional risks. 50+ were served in 2014.

Screven County Crisis Fund - provides financial assistance for families and individuals having emergencies dealing with fire, health, medical transportation & transit needs. Also provides for repairs/modifications for homes of the elderly and handicapped, prescription drugs, and in some instances energy assistance for the elderly. Approx. 800 were assisted in 2014.

Screven County Tasc Force - provides vocational, daily living, self-help, job procurement, job placement, and transportation to job sites. United Way funds are used to maintain equipment in the center’s janitorial/law maintenance contract and to provide transportation to work sites. 40 people served in 2014.

Screven County Senior Citizens Center - United Way funds provide for special programs as senior Olympics, home needs of needy elderly, scholarships for the disadvantaged to attend senior trips. There are 200+ seniors participating at the center. It is a referral source for Senior Services, Nutritional Support, and Education. There is daily transportation to the center for seniors, where they participate in crafts, games, activities and outings.

Screven County for Exceptional Children - purpose is to advance the education of exceptional children and youth so that as they mature and enter the mainstream of our community they will make a positive contribution. UW funds will be used to provide Special Olympics, Fall Arts Festival and Exceptional Children’s Week, and Community Awareness Week. 170+ children were served in 2014.

Screven County Community Collaborative- United Way of Screven County provides funding for the Screven County Community Collaborative, Inc. to help provide tutorial help to low risk students with the use of the tech bus. The funds received we are able to utilize two teachers and a bus driver to tutor and help students with homework. The funds also provide low income students with back to school supplies for children in grades K-8th 150-500 students were served in 2014.

Reading is Fundamental Program- United Way of Screven County three RIF book distributions for pre-school and kindergarten children; in addition, funds will pay for promotional printing and distribution supplies. Proposed cost of books is around $2500.

Screven County High School Athletic Department- funds will be spent on improving equipment and uniforms for the athletes also provides help with eating and trips for out of town events. Approx. 150 youth was served in 2014.

Screven County Recreational Department - provides a structured recreation program for citizens of Screven County. Specific funds will be used for girls’ softball, boy’s baseball, and youth football   Approx. 2,000+ was served in 2014. Funds are also available for parents who cannot afford registration.

Screven County 4-H Club - focuses on leadership responsibility and teamwork for the youth of Screven County. United Way has been funding 100% of their program. Approx. 1300 youth are provided the opportunities in and out of school system for 5th grade through high School. 480 were served in 2014.

Screven County Soup Kitchen - Provides hot meals on Saturday to the elderly and needy of Screven County. One hundred percent of United Way funds are used on food and supplies needed to prepare and deliver meals. The number of people served over 12 months was 11,028. All meals are prepared and delivered by volunteers.

Safe Haven – Provides emergency safe shelter to victims of domestic violence and their children who are fleeing from abuse. All of their emergency needs are provided directly or through referrals. 5,211 were served in 2014.

Screven County Middle School Athletic Department – United Way funding allows youth to be able to participate in after school activities that may not otherwise be available. This funding also allows the coaches to buy uniforms and equipment for a variety of different sports. 600 were served in 2014.

Shades of Art - provides an opportunity for children to participate in the arts. The Shades of Art focuses on the at-risk-youth in our community the number of people served was 25.

St. Camillus Health Clinic- Initiates a mobile clinic to provide services throughout the county. This organization helps with people who have lost insurance through the loss of their jobs. This agency also, is seeking to augment financial resources to assist people in financial difficulties with food and utilities. The number of people served was 920. County served is Screven County.

St. Camillus Medicine Outreach an off-shoot of St. Camillus Health Clinic helps supply medicines for individuals who are unable to afford their medications.

S.M.I.L.E Ministries - local food bank with the sole purpose of helping people who do not have adequate food, due to the loss of income or other immediate needs. Families served average between 1000-1400 a month.