United Way of Screven County was founded in 1997 as a way to get vital services to those in need while attempting to eliminate the duplication of services. It is essentially, Screven County people helping Screven County people. The United Way of Screven County is a totally local nonprofit organization governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors. Unlike many charities, there is not a national office dictating policy to our local United Way.

In the Community - Our local United Way office raises funds for seventeen non-profit agencies that provide a network of services to our county’s residents and also by referring those who are in need to the proper agencies. These agencies in turn provide help with rent/mortgage assistance, utility payments, food, clothing, medical services, rehabilitation and elderly care.

In our Schools - United Way funds programs in our local school systems enabling character building programs helping our children and youth achieve their potential.

United Way of Screven County concentrates on four target areas:

Our Children

United Way of Screven County believes that the best way to prepare for the future is to invest in our children. United Way funds eight character building programs that directly influence most of the children in our county. United Way of Screven County allots 25% of our allocations to meet this need.

Our Adults

United Way of Screven County currently has one agency in this target area. United Way allots 3.5% of our allocations to enhance the lives of our county’s developmentally disabled.

Our Seniors

Many of our county’s seniors are isolated and live on fixed incomes. The agencies that United Way of Screven County supports provide socialization and services that keep our seniors independent longer, enabling them to maintain a healthier more fulfilled lifestyle. This target area receives 16.5% of our allocations.


United Way of Screven County is committed to helping our county’s residents meet their basic needs of food, safety, medicine and housing. Our largest area of need, crisis funding consumes 55% of our allocation budget.

Local volunteers from business, education and industry, people just like you, review agency requests and make recommendations to the volunteer Board of Directors, ultimately, the Board makes the final decision.
Yes. When you donate to United Way of Screven County, 99% of the donation stays here in our county. Unlike many charities where your donations are sent to a national headquarters for redistribution when you give to United Way of Screven County it stays right here, where we still know the value of hard-earned dollars. 1% is sent to United Way Worldwide to cover branding rights.
To maintain fiscal responsibility, United Way of Screven County staff operate under the oversight of a board of directors.  All accounts are reviewed monthly by the Treasurer and the Board of Directors.  An independent audit is conducted annually.
United Way of Screven County collects funds for Screven County human services that offer direct help to people in need. United Way’s unique support role allows our agencies to focus their energies on their important work alleviating the worry that comes from under funding. United Way of Screven County does not directly serve clients.
Statistics show that one in three people will use United Way services in their lifetime. Your support ensures that you, your loved ones, and your neighbors will have help when it is needed. Your gift enhances the quality of life for many in Screven County.